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Order Description


Order Description

The Order Coraciiformes has ten families, around 41 genera, and over 200 species. In Georgia, there is one family with one species.

Kingfishers, rollers, motmots and their allies are small to medium, stocky birds with big heads and small feet. All species have the three front toes joined for at least part of their length (syndactyly). In addition the palate and leg muscles are similar. The members of this order eat vertebrates, invertebrates, and fruit.

Family Alcedinidae

The kingfishers have a large head, strong pointed spearlike bill and small feet. They have a short tarsus. The wings are short and rounded. They hunt by darting from a perch to catch a moving animal. They are usually fish eaters.
Species in this family:
    Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon)