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Our Acknowledgements

Many people have participated in the development of this web site. Their combined knowledge, talent, ideas, cooperation, and enthusiasm for the project developed this site from the initial paper idea. The web site development team includes technical writers, editors, scientific illustrators, and scientific specialists. Members of this team include Stephen Boyd, Kerry Carlin-Morgan, Bauer Coslick, Amy Lyn Edwards, Margi Flood, Jill Goldstein, Kelly Irwin, Kim Leissner, Jan Matthews, Elizabeth McGhee, Carrie Straight, and Elizabeth Reitz. The site would not be what it is without the images of several talented photographers. We wish to extend our thanks to John Avise, Giff Beaton, Carlos Camp, Amy Lyn Edwards, Richard Forbes, John Jensen, Mark Komoroski, Barry Mansell, Dan Sudia, and Wayne Van Devender for allowing us to use their photographs on this site. The photographer and/or the Georgia Museum of Natural History reserves all rights to these images (please see our copyright page for more information. We would also like to thank the site's review panel, Laurie Fowler, Jon Haney, Jeff Jackson, John Jensen, Tim McCay, Dan Sudia and Paul Sykes, who provided valuable suggestions and constructive criticism on how to improve the web site. Finally we would like to thank all the people who have visited this site and contacted us. Your input has helped us continue to improve the site.

DNR logoFunding for this web site was provided by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Non-game Endangered Wildlife Program and the Georgia Museum of Natural History.

This web site is partially funded through sales of Wildlife License Plates, donations to the "Give Wildlife a Chance" State Income Tax Checkoff, and direct donations to the Wildlife Conservation Fund, Georgia Department of Natural Resources.